Hermès Exotic Skins

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Hermès Exotic Skins are one of the most iconic features throughout the Hermès Bag collection. The use of exotic skins on Hermès Birkin Bags and Hermès Kelly Bags is well renowned, however, many other handbags and clutches in the range also feature exotic skins including the Hermès Constance, Hermès Evelyne, and the Hermès Long Wallet Clutch family. The most commonly used exotic skins include crocodile, alligator, lizard, and ostrich, with some Hermès Limited Edition bags even featuring a marriage of two or more of these skins.

Baghunter is the home of authentic pristine and pre-loved Hermès Exotic Skin handbags in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. You can spot a genuine exotic skin Hermès by the stamp located beside the Hermès Made in Paris stamp indicating which exotic skin has been used. Each exotic skin has its own characteristics and qualities, with more detailed information available in our Hermès Leather and Skins Guide. Each Hermès Exotic Skin bag falls under Baghunter’s guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.