Hermès Kelly Bag

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The Hermès Kelly ranks as one of the most desired handbags in the world. Inspired by an icon, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the Kelly bag itself is now an iconic fixture in the Hermès Handbag line-up. Much like the Hermès Birkin, it is stitched by hand and crafted by a highly trained single artisan in Paris with incredible precision. Every aspect of the bag from leather to hardware is cautiously inspected to ensure absolute perfection. Owing to this practice, you will never see an imperfect stitch, even in the lining, throughout a Hermès Kelly handbag.

Baghunter is home to an array of pristine condition and pre-loved Hermès Kelly bags in various materials, hardware, colors, and sizes, including exotic skins, special orders, and limited edition Hermès Kelly bags. The Versatile Kelly Bag is also available in mini and petite wallet versions known as the Hermès Kelly Pochette and Hermès Kelly Cut. A sophisticated and elegant addition to the wardrobe of any chic and fashionable lady, the Hermès Kelly offers incredible flexibility and instant recognition thanks to its trapezium shape and single handle design. Each Hermès Kelly handbag falls under Baghunter’s guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.