Bag Bespoke™

Personalize your Hermès or Chanel bag using Swarovski crystals or Bespoke artwork.

Baghunter’s Bag Bespoke service provides you with the opportunity to add a unique personal touch to your Hermès or Chanel handbag. Our design team utilizes the proprietary techniques to create intricate patterns on designer bags using Swarovski crystals, or to hand paint custom designs or artwork onto any designer handbag. Our advanced methods of personalizing designer bags allow us to work with almost any material or exotic skin and to implement a wide range of customized designs using thousands of colored Swarovski crystals or artwork. 

Please Note: Due to high demand, Baghunter’s Bag Bespoke service is available to VIP members only. Due to the intricate nature of the work, it can take 2-8 months for personalization to be completed.

Swarovski Strass
Bespoke Artwork
A stunning addition to any designer handbag, Swarovski crystals are the material of choice for both Hermès and Chanel. Swarovski crystals are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, with each crystal carefully hand placed onto bags to create intricate and stunning designs. Each Bag Bespoke order including Swarovski crystals is completed by a single artisan and can take a period of weeks to complete.
Baghunter - custom swarovski crystals on bag
A popular choice among celebrities and high-profile clients of Hermès and Chanel, Bespoke Artwork is achieved by delicately altering the color of a designer handbag to reveal a unique picture. An extremely complex process, the application of Bespoke Artwork onto a bag can take weeks to complete. Feel free to browse our sample artwork for ideas or to request something more custom with unique colors and artwork.
Baghunter - custom prints on bag