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Polly Hermès Constance 24 Alligator Noir Bag ★★★★★
I have received the bag. It's very, very nice. I love it! It's been great doing business with you. Hope to buy from you again.
Thank you for everything!
Jess B. Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag 30cm Gold ★★★★★
My bag is so beautiful! It's exactly what I wanted and I had a flawless experience with Baghunter. Very happy customer! I love my bag!!! Thank you so much!
Thomasina S. Hermès Blue Jean Birkin 35cm Bag PHW ★★★★★
I am pleased with the experience. I appreciate your prompt response and the communication has been top notch. The transfer was efficient and quick. Thank you!
Ben S. Hermès Birkin 30 Bag Emeraude Niloticus Crocodile PHW ★★★★★
Quick and painless. Happy for the buyer.
Thank you. I'll definitely come back to you guys in the future.
Richard T. Hermès Birkin 30 Vermilion Veau Togo Bag PHW ★★★★★
I would recommend Baghunter to anyone who wants to sell a designer bag. In my case, Baghunter sold a never worn Birkin bag for me that was one of many that my late wife owned. The staff at Baghunter was very professional in assisting me throughout the entire process and did an outstanding job in communicating with me once offers were made to purchase the bag. I will be using Baghunter in the future and highly recommend them based on my experience. Thank you Baghunter team.
Maxim P. Hermès Birkin 35 Jet Black Bag PHW ★★★★★
Thank you so much!
I have wonderful impressions from your company.
The quality of the bag - is what I expected.
Attention to my wishes at the highest level.
And most importantly - a gift arrived exactly for the holiday!
Once again, a great thank you Baghunter! Best regards
Geoff Hermès Retourne Kelly 35 Black Plomb Bag ★★★★★
If you are considering using Baghunter, based on my experience, I would strongly encourage you do so, and cannot recommend them more highly. Recently, I set out to find a very unique, hard to get item for my wife as a 50th birthday gift. The item, in fact, being so hard to get, I really had no clue where to turn. Suffice it to say, in finding Baghunter, I found the right place, and, would never hesitate turning to them again. In fact, I’m certain I will many times moving forward down the road. Their customer service, merchandise, and all other components of my experience were exceptional on all fronts. I can’t thank them enough, again, nor recommend them more highly. Sincerely, an extremely satisfied customer, one of many, I’m sure, Geoff.
Dwisanti Huray Hermès Orange Kelly Togo Bag 35cm ★★★★★
Erika at Baghunter was just fantastic. She is always very responsive and helpful during the whole process of the sale of my bag. I definitely recommend Baghunter due to the professionalism and good reputation that they have. It avoids the many hassles of dealing with buyers directly that could lead to issues of counterfeit.
Charlene W. I love, live, love my new bag, Hermes Kelly Sellier! ★★★★★
It's fantastic and purchasing it from Baghunter was definitely the way to go. I used their search service as I was looking for something specific. They found what I needed in less than 24 hours. The bag was in pristine condition as promised, the service was outstanding and the process couldn't have been easier or more professional. Thank you Baghunter!
Carla N. Hermes Kelly 32 Black Bag GHW ★★★★★
I am beyond thrilled with my recent purchase from Baghunter. Their customer service went above and beyond in order to make it happen. From the moment that I contacted them, they followed up with every single question and concern I had. My bag was carefully packaged and shipping was super fast. Thank you Baghunter for ALL your help. If you are searching for an authentic luxury bag, Baghunter is the place to go. I couldn’t be happier. THANK U!
Peter M. Hermes Birkin 35 Black, PHW ★★★★★
After researching and considering a number of other luxury goods consignment sites, I chose Baghunter to sell my Hermes Birkin bag. A high degree of trust is required to send a new, high value, desirable item like the Birkin bag to a company I had never dealt with before. My decision to use Baghunter was based on the fact that site specializes only in high end bags and regularly receives high marks in the industry for credibility. I was not disappointed! The process of delivering the bag was both smooth and professional, and Baghunter handled the shipping arrangements via a secure carrier. Once received, the bag was evaluated, authenticated, photographed and then expertly advertised on the site. The bag sold at my asking price within ninety days, and I received my proceeds quickly via wire transfer to my account. As a consigner, I couldn't have been more pleased with the service provided by Baghunter. Thank you!
Stephanie Hermes Birkin 35 Ghillies Anemone ★★★★★
Excellent website! Superior bag and customer service.
Amanda Hermes Birkin 35 Marron Brown GHW ★★★★★
Omg, Birkin, Birkin, Birkin!! Incredible bag/color. I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!
Valerie BagHunter Is THEEEEEEE BEST ! ★★★★★
WOW ! What can I say about this amazing service ... Not enough words to say how impressed and far past met my expectations beyond ! I mentioned what I wanted, and it was not an easy bag to find.. and BOOM ! Like Magic ... BagHunter got my bag for a reasonable price. The owner is TOP NOTCH DEAL. Fast , luxury and easy experience. Wish everyone else can be run and done, like this business operates. really impressed and wish to have millions so i can buy more, and more ;)
Leonora F. Finally found the bag of my dreams! ★★★★★
I've been looking for a black togo leather kelly for myself for over 6 months and was beginning to think I would never find one unless I was willing to spend triple the retail price until I found a great deal on BagHunter. The bag I bought was practically brand new and in pristine condition and I couldn't be happier about the experience. I got the deal of a lifetime without waiting or playing that annoying "Hermes Game" at the store where they make you buy what you don't want and put you on some waiting list for a future bag with no guarantee or choice in color. Finally, I got the purse of my dreams thanks to Baghunter! I told all my friends who are interested in designer bags to check it out because it really is so easy to get the bag you want with limitless options.
Maria C. Hermes Birkin 35 Rouge Vif ★★★★★
I already received my Birkin Rouge Vif this morning via Fedex and I just want to thank you for my stress free buying experience. Just like what I've told you before, your professionalism makes you different from other online companies. Thank you for patiently answering all my inquiries. My bag came more than how I expected it to be. Again, thank you so much and more power to your company.
Rebecca Hermes Kelly Bag!!! ★★★★★
I don't know where to start! I m so happy with baghunter! They found me the Hermes Kelly Bag in perfect pristine condition! Not only did they find exactly what I wanted their customer service was the very best! Thank you baghunter! I will definetly be buying from you again!
Ilana Hermes Constance Customized with Crystals ★★★★★
I contacted Baghunter because I wanted to customize my authentic Hermes Constance bag I got a few years ago with Swarovski crystals to it to make it more lively. Baghunter made my plain Hermes bag into a piece of wearable artwork and their work is flawless. My bag was completed much faster than the anticipated two month wait they told me originally. I have been getting so many compliments like never before and this is now a showstopper rather than just another Hermes bag walking down the street in Beverly Hills among hundreds of others. You just earned yourself a lifelong customer because you impressed me like no one has in a long time! Bravo Baghunter
Ann Baghunter/Kelly 32 Alligator Bag ★★★★★
I recently purchased a Hermes Bag through Baghunter. The bag is spectacular and is rivaled only by the level of service and professionalism that accompanied the transaction from start to finish. Impeccable and therefore highly recommended.