A Timeline of the Hermès Brand

A Timeline of the Hermès Brand
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laurent gray
September 26 2016

with out question the most important brand in the world

Michael Mitchel
September 05 2016

Yes I would like to know if there is any information on a mini Kelly 25cm gray or silver suede and how many where made and what time period they where made I do know they stop’ed making them some years ago any info would help thank you Michael

July 20 2016

Hello Pamela, we do not provide authentication services unless a bag is sold or consigned with Baghunter. We do provide a Chanel bag authentication guide listed under “guides” that will give you the basics of how to authenticate your bag.

pamela phillip
July 19 2016

I have a very old what u believe is a genuine hermes handbag. It is ran leather with an old leather hermes label inside. It does not have the datestamp like the modern bags. Can you help.me with authentication?

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