Limited Edition Hermès Kelly Sac-Bijou Giclée Painting



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Depicts: Hermès Kelly Rose Gold Bag
Edition Number: 50 
Material: Swarovski Crystals, Timeless Museum Grade Varnish
Frame Color: Off-White 
Includes: Canvas, Frame, Embossed Leather Label, Certificate of Authenticity
Measures: 30x38cm Canvas; 40x48cm with Frame

A reproduction of the original artwork achieved through a printing technique employed at the highest level of fine art print, this limited edition Kelly Sac-Bijou Giclée canvas is a joy to behold. After printing, the canvas is hand embellished with Swarovski crystals AB with a Timeless Museum Grade Varnish providing the finishing touch and offering protection to both the canvas and the vivid coloring. The original frame is decorated with stylish motifs and hand painted in an off-white shade to accentuate the colors on the Giclée further. A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and stating the edition specification along with an embossed leather label are also included.

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