Original Hermès Kelly Sac-Bijou Painting



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Depicts: Hermès Kelly Rose Gold Bag
Material: Golden Fluid Acrylic, Swarovski Crystals, High Gloss Varnish
Frame Color: Off-White 
Includes: Canvas, Frame, Embossed Leather Label, Certificate of Authenticity
Measures: 30x40cm Canvas; 39x49cm with Frame

An accurate interpretation of the famous Hermès Kelly Rose Gold Bag, this original Kelly Sac-Bijou artwork is instantly eye-catching. Painted on canvas using a golden fluid acrylic, the painting is brought to life by the addition of Swarovski crystals AB and protected by a high gloss varnish finish. The frame features an embossed leather label at the rear, beautiful motifs, and has been hand painted using an off-white shade produced by Farrow and Ball. A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist is also included with the canvas.

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