Hermès First Time Buyer Guide

Hermès First Time Buyer Guide
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Eva LaBadie
August 07 2017

I’ve purchased Hermès in Venice, Italy. Can you see my name in your database? I’m going in to your Union Square store to make a purchase. Am I going to have a problem?

February 28 2017

Hello Deis, thank you for your comment. Purchasing a Hermès bag in Paris can be a tough task as Hermès boutiques do not sell Birkin or Kelly bags to the general public, which you can read about here (https://baghunter.com/blogs/insights/how-to-get-birkin-bag-from-hermes). However, we provide fully insured shipping around the world for all purchases of Hermès handbags on Baghunter and recommend you browse our selection of bags or contact us directly if there is a particular Hermès bag you have in mind.

Deis hikmawati
October 28 2016

How to buy hermes kelly in paris

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