How to Spot Fake Hermès Bags

How to Spot Fake Hermès Bags
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November 13 2017

Hi Team
My bag has an X on the small tab inside, what year would it have been made, please?

Rhonette Cullinan
November 08 2017

My Hermes bag has made in China. Is it fake. Got a present of it.

Tramy Nguyen
October 15 2017

I think the company should show us the two picture , one real and one fake so easy for us to know . Thanks

October 01 2017

Thanks for doing this but where is Your advantage from this ?
Best regards Gabriele

September 25 2017

I have a black leather Birkin, not sure if it’s genuine or a very high quality fake. I’ve checked everything as mentioned above and just found a P in a square and K6 stamped on the back of the strap going across the front of the bag. Would this possibly be an indicator to the authenticity?

September 25 2017

How can I tell if a Garden Party is authentic?

Rachel Freedman
September 12 2017

I received this bag as a gift and believe its real Hermes bag but I’m still unsure. I went to a Hermes store and asked if they could check for me but their policy states they aren’t allowed to check. I would really like to know if its real or not.

August 24 2017

The seller showed me a receipt that stated she bought her black 32 Kelly in year 2013 Paris at 4500euro. Would that be real ?

August 13 2017

Hi, I was given a bag as a gift and someone notified me it’s Hermes. Is there any way of telling its real Hermes? Like sending a picture or something? I’m just curious as to how much it’s worth. Thanks

July 08 2017

Does Hermes bags put plastic on their hardware?

July 07 2017

Hello Melissa, thank you for your comment. Yes, Hermes have used an oval design on their logo many times. In fact, you can see this design on the current Hermes Evelyn handbags range which features a “H” inside an oval on the front of the bag.

Melissa McClure
June 30 2017

I found a vintage Hermes bag in which the logo is pressed or embossed into a leather oval. It appears to be a very old bag—possibly from the 1970’s. did they ever produce such a logo?

June 16 2017

Hello Ashley, thank you for your comment. An “L” inside a square indicates your Birkin bag was crafted in 2008. You can find more information in the “Brand Stamps” section of our authentication guide here –

June 16 2017

Hello Cher, thank you for your comment. The Hermès Country Garden Party range generally features a canvas or fabric interior lining. If you are unsure about the authenticity of the bag you are looking at, we recommend making sure you are buying from a genuine reseller who is accredited and has a strong history of genuine Hermes sales.

June 16 2017

Hello Michelle, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee the authenticity of a bag by looking a pictures alone. We highly recommend that you only purchase Hermes bags from reputable sellers who have a history of selling genuine and authentic handbags.

June 15 2017

Hi, I was wondering if I could find out the year my bag was produced. When my mother passed I inherited all of her authentic bags one of which is black Hermes Birkin bag. It looks brand new, still in dust bag. The code is 25S and letter w/ square around it is L. Any help would be great! I don’t even Remember her purchasing this bag, she loved her bags!

June 10 2017

I am looking at a Hermès Country Garden Party 36on a website but it has a cloth lining I am not sure if this is real

June 03 2017

If I share an ebay link, can you authenticate if it is a real KellyTogo bag?

June 01 2017

Hello T.Gordon, thank you for your comment. Depending on the leather/skin and year of manufacture, a Hermes bag will feature a blind stamp on the strap and additional numbering or letters next to blind stamp which identifies the person who crafted the bag.

May 31 2017


Dee. Myers
May 27 2017

I came across your site and wanted to thank you.I was quickly able to figure out my gorgeous green Birkin by Hermes is a fake. I suspect a well made expensive knock off .Thank you.

May 26 2017

Hello Heather, thank you for your comment. The “L” with a square indicates the year of production on your bag as 2008 so it would be approximately 9 years old. The “48A” is most likely the craftsman ID stamp which is usually found beside the date stamp. We hope this information helps you!

Heather Maynor
May 19 2017

This might be a crazy question but the bag I was looking at had a serial number: 48 A then to the far right was the letter “L” with a square around it. The seller told me she got it about 10 years ago. This may not be enough info for you to tell but does that sound authentic??

May 19 2017

Hi Andreea, thank you for your comment. The weight of the hardware can be a red flag if there is a noticeable difference between your Jypsiere bag and your Lindy bag. Are the hardware types the same for both bags? (i.e. both palladium or both gold). If you have major concerns regarding the hardware on the Lindy bag we advise you to contact the retailer from whom you purchased the bags for further proof of authenticity.

May 19 2017

Hello Huong, thank you for your comment. Some Hermes handbags feature a “blind stamp” on the strap which identifies the craftsman, year the bag was made, and if the bag is crafted from exotic skin. You can find out more about the blind stamp by reading our Authentication Guide here:

May 17 2017

I have a Jypsiere purchased at a flagship store. The hardware is quite heavy. I recently purchased a Lindy from a trusted consignment retailer, and the hardware is very light compared to the one on the Jypsiere. Should that be a red flag?

May 13 2017

Hi..have anyway to check is authentic by data on the strap ??

May 12 2017

Hello Riba, thank you for your comment. The absence of a stamp does not necessarily indicate the bag is fake. Did you purchase the bag from a repeatable reseller? Are there any other indications that the bag is not authentic?

May 11 2017

I bought large Hermes Evelyn. It does not have Hermes made in Paris on strap also does not have stamp letter under the flap which located on top of circle with H. Is it fake

April 28 2017

Hello Janet, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we require more information to provide a date and value for the bag. If you are interested in selling or consigning your bag, please email us at and we will provide you with more information. Thank you.

April 28 2017

Hello Iris, thank you for your comment. We advise you use the guide above to authenticate your Hermes clutch. Inspect all areas of the bag closely and if you remain unsure about the bag’s authenticity you can bring it into a Hermes boutique and ask the staff to inspect the bag for you.

April 28 2017

Hello Jan, thank you for your comment. Could you please expand on what you mean by “There is no Paris”? Do you mean there is no “Hermes, Made in Paris” stamp on the bag? Thank you.

Janet Ramage
April 24 2017

My Hermes bag I believe is COSTANCE? Large H on front (losing color around the edges of the H). The zipper says “IDEAL”. Other than that I don’t see any other markings. Can I have a date and value please? Thank you.

April 17 2017

I have a Hermés clutch and I don’t know if it is real or fake.

Jan chadwick
April 11 2017

My bag has the H on and the catch has a "uk pat 1519245 and uk D873682 there is no paris

March 30 2017

Hello Diane,

If you follow the advice in the guide above you will gain a good indication of whether your Hermes bag is genuine or not. However, as counterfeit productions become more advanced it may be difficult to know for sure unless you acquire the services of an expert. Should you wish to sell or consign your bag, we offer a full authenticity check for all Hermes bags sold via our platform. However, if you do not wish to sell your bag we recommend bringing it into a Hermes boutique and inquiring about the authenticity of the Hermes bag.

Diane shiwram
March 05 2017

I have a Hermes bag and I want to know if it is fake or real!!!

March 01 2017

Hello Arleen, thank you for your comment. Currently, our authentication service is only available for bags listed on our site for sale and for bags which we have consigned. If you are interested in selling or consigning your bag with us, we will authenticate it before listing it on the site and again using a second expert upon a successful purchase of the bag. If you would like more information, please message us using the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Arleen Cohen
March 01 2017

How can I get someone from your company to authenticate my bag?

February 28 2017

Hello Sandy, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, a “Made in China” tag on a Hermès bag is a major red flag for indicating the bag is a replica and not genuine. We recommend using the bag as you see fit and if you ever wish to invest in an authentic Hermès handbag feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist in finding a bag perfectly suited to your tastes.

Sandy Hamilton
November 29 2016

I received a bag as a gift. The silky lining inside the bag has a small tag that reads; “made in China” I never thought that this bag was authentic… please confirm. Large black bag with white top stitching, lock and key on face, zip pulls “hang down”… (red flag, yes?)… may be 8-10 years old… no sign of wear. It’s beautiful! Do I use it or keep it on a shelf to impress my girlfriends? Or, should I sell it? If so, how much? Thanks for your help. 72 year old great grandma…

Mary Gleason
September 24 2016

Thank you for an excellent analysis and description of the Real and fake Hermes. You provide a wonderful service to the uninformed purchaser!

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