Hermès Handbag Insights: Hardware

Hermès Handbag Insights: Hardware
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Janice Leorem
September 19 2017

My mini kelly bag 20cm… black color does not have any stamp on its flaps. The locks and keys does not have any number or any engravement.

September 02 2017

Hi there,good day to you..I just realise there is few dotted stain on my palladium hardware,as I’m staying in malaysia,the weather is humid 365 days,what can I do?im worried now;(hope you can advise

August 31 2017

Hi. My 2011 kelly has number 31 on the lock and key. I thought there had to be more numbers ? Also in my opinion the stamp Hermès Paris made in France is 0,5mm off centre – can I send a picture to know if there is something wrong with this.bag? In addition to the year stamp it has another square next to it with a tomb inside. Should I be worried ?

June 16 2017

Hello TammyJo, thank you for your comment. Could you tell us the make/model of the bag and we could further advise you. Thank you.

TammyJo Laney
June 04 2017

I am looking for a key to the lock on my wife’s bag the number is 121. Can you help me

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